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Supervision & Inspection System

Say good bye to your worries

Most companies spend huge amounts of money on the furniture and fittings in their offices. At the same time many of them entrust the cleaning and maintenance of the costly interiors to amateurs with the result that within a short span of time the fittings deteriorate and the company has to incur additional expenses on repair and renovation.
With the proliferation and availability of a wide variety of interior materials, untrained amateurs either use wrong material, wrong procedure or improperly clean the items. Many companies which had hither to undertaken housekeeping work with in-house staff have slowly realized the need to employ professionals and are switching over to professional service organizations for housekeeping.


Gain Peace of mind

  • Relieve yourself from Labor Problems.

  • Relieve yourself from labor Union Problems.

  • Relieve yourself from labor Courts.

  • We can minimize the labor Problems.


While calculating the housekeeping’s expenses only the direct costs are usually taken into account. However, there are indirect costs as well. 
Apart from salary there is the element of pre-requisites, arrangements (stopgap and ad-hoc) to be made for absence, short or long leave, cost of material, provision of wastage/pilferage These aspects not only involve direct financial expenditure but also consume valuable corporate time and effort.

Apart from the above, the element of supervision has to be catered for, involving purchase of material, its storage and issue, as well as maintenance of stock record.



The most important and crucial point is that of ACCOUNTABILITY and FIXATION OF RESPONSIBILITY. In house staffs are usually good workers in the initial stages but gradually shirk their duties and responsibilities. If more than one person is employed on the same or similar work, there is always the danger of shifting responsibility and lack of responsibility. In case you employ professional firm, you deal with a single entity.

In conclusion we can say that employing a professional firm of housekeeping service not only results in quality services but in the long run it is actually more economical.

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