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Security Management Services

In today’s scenario endless numbers of companies are providing security services to their best, but unfortunately their best has number of limitations, some has financial limitations, some has quality manpower limitations, some has training limitations and so on, and in to all have a limitation of vision.
In the global market the client is searching for best in his vision at any cost, seeing this desire of the client TROJAN PROTECTIVES INDIA PVT. LTD came into existence. “Trojan”, a hollow horse used by Greeks to win back the beautiful lady of the world, “Helen the princess of Troy”. Since then the best fighters or warriors of the world are called ‘TROJAN’. And now we are the Trojan Force. 
Where the thinking of any security services ends, our management starts thinking from that point. Our philosophy is to provide cutting edge protection, loss prevention focusing on the need of the client and giving them the tailor made services after proper security audit of the client. We provide customized security solutions and service and not just manpower. We are not only pioneering the new concept in India but also setting standards for the industry by way of caliber of personnel, commitment of training, quality of service, standard of uniform, general turnout and degree of professionalism. Trojan endeavors to elevate the expectation levels of the industry by constantly upgrading the range and quality of service which will strive towards contributing to an expanding and enriched global market. 
The essence of “BEING POLITE YET FIRM” in imbedded into our men thus creating “CORPORATE SOLDIERS”. It is in step with us to be the “BEST” rather than the “BIGGEST”.  And to credit ourselves, we are the one of few agencies who are holders of the Security License provided by the Govt of NCR under Delhi Private Security Agencies (Regulation) rules 2009.

Services Provided

Corporate and Industrial Security

Personal Security Officers

Escorting of cash vans.

Permanent as well as short term security

Security to the event Management

Customized ‘Crisis Management Services’

Consultancy and Turnkey Projects related to security services

Security Audits.

VIP protection.


Value Added Services at no Extra Cost

Ensures high visibility of security deployed at the premises to serve as a deterrent for employees, theft, pilferage, vandalism or irresponsible acts.

Ensures compliance of management’s internal security policy.

Ensures safety and protection of the client’s property, material etc.

Report all security violations to the client and suggest suitable counter measures.

Deny entry to the unwanted or unauthorized persons through breaking or regular entrances.

Receive and guide patrons as per the advice of the client.

Deny access to persons desired by the client.

Keep a close watch on suspicious elements.

Above are the services of general nature; however specific and customized duties are drawn as per the particular posts.

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