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Housekeeping Services

TROJAN PROTECTIVES INDIA PVT.LTD undertakes the housekeeping management services and is one of the premier and renowned companies in providing Housekeeping services with the spirit of dynamism and passion to keep abreast with the changing needs of the ever-growing esteemed clientele. We have a trained, energetic and dedicated team of Housekeeping staff fully capable of handling independently, the surroundings, and working of a commercial area by providing a clean, hygienic, and eco-friendly environment.  We offer our specialized services to minimize housekeeping tensions in Hotels, Clubs, Offices, Schools, and Hospitals in and around Delhi. We, as a company, take into account the minutest details to meet the expectations of our clients by providing efficient services with minimized departmental overhead expenditures and also by providing relief from serious labor problems. Hence providing cost effective, quality service in quality time to the clients in every possible field is the challenge Trojan endeavor to meet. The changing face of business today requires a facelift in terms of well-managed property and related services. An impressive office complex draws attention and gives an aura of success and positive energy. We believe that only the right people can give the right edge to improve your performance levels and time management to be a cut above the rest. So we are always at your back and call.

Routine Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Of Staircases

Brass Polishing

Sweeping Of The Floors

Cleaning Pantries

Moping Of The Floors

Removal Of Litter & Waste Management

Cleaning Of The Toilets

Glass Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning


Replenishment Of Toilet Supplies


Spring Cleaning Schedule

Scrubbing Of Floors/Staircases

Wax Polishing Of Floors

Scrubbing Of Toilets

Cleaning Of Window Screens

Removal Of Cobwebs

Scrubbing Of Walls

Lighting Fixtures

Restrooms upkeep at regular intervals with detergents

  • Cleaning of W/C’s, urinals with cleaners.

  • Check if W/C’s working.

  • Clearing of sanitary bins/ashtrays/dustbins.

  • Thorough cleaning of floor area.

  • Cleaning of washbasins taps.

  • Cleaning of fixtures, dispensers, hand dryers, mirrors.

  • Replenishment of toiletries.

Maintenance cleaning (whenever required)

  • Spillage of floor, carpet or upholstery.

  • Unblocking of sinks.

  • Spraying insects/mosquito repellents.

  • Upholstery stains removal.

  • Wet pick ups in toilets.

  • Scrubbing/buffing of hard floors (internal office area).

Maintenance cleaning (whenever required)

  • Shampooing/dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.

  • Shampooing/dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.

  • Injecting/extraction of carpeted areas.

  • Spraying of carpet deodorants.

  • Restorative cleaning shall be provided whenever required and shall be charged separately.

  • Pest control services will be provided as and when required and would be charged separately.

  • There would be regular inspection/co-ordination from the Manager in charge..

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